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Ten Lesser-Known Serial Killers
Richard Biegenwald
Richard Biegenwald
Number of Victims: 9+
Method of Choice: Rape, Shooting, Stabbing
Area of Operation: New Jersey
Date of Arrest: 01/22/1983

Between 1958 and 1983, Richard Biegenwald killed at least 9 people, largely for thrills. He came from a rough past; as a child he was often beaten by his alcoholic father. At 11 years old, he set himself on fire at his mother's house. Biegenwald shot most of his victims, and not all of his murders appeared to be sexually motivated. After killing his first victim, a grocery store owner, during a robbery, Biegenwald was sentenced to life, but got out in 16 years for good behavior. He went on to kill several more people, including two young women whose bodies he buried in his mother's yard. He was found guilty on five counts of first degree murder and received a death sentence, which was later changed to four life terms without the possibility of parole. He died of respiratory and kidney failure on March 12, 2008.

Known Victims: Stephen Sladowski, 47, Maria Ciallella, 17, Deborah Osborne, 17, Betsy Bacon, 17, Anna Olesiewicz, 18, William J. Ward, 34
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