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Ten Lesser-Known Serial Killers
Larry Bright
Larry Bright
Number of Victims: 8
Method of Choice: Rape, Strangulation, Drugging
Area of Operation: Illinois
Date of Arrest: January, 2005

Between 2003 and 2004, Larry Bright killed 8 women and either dumped their bodies along rural roads, or burned them in a fire pit behind the home he shared with his mother. All of his victims were raped and strangled to death, except one, who he plied with cocaine until she died of an overdose. To avoid the death penalty, he pleaded guilty to eight counts of murder and was sentenced to life without parole.

Known Victims: Sabrina Payne, 36, Barbara Williams, 36, Linda K. Neal, 40, Brenda Erving, 41, Shaconda Thomas, 32, Shirley Ann Trapp, 45, Tamara Walls, 29, Laura Lollar, 33.
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