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Ten Lesser-Known Serial Killers
Kenneth McDuff
Kenneth McDuff
Number of Victims: 14+
Method of Choice: Rape, Strangulation
Area of Operation: Texas
Date of Arrest: 05/04/1992

Texas killer Kenneth McDuff was on death row from 1968 to 1972, and later in general population, for murdering three teenagers in 1966, but was paroled due to overcrowding in 1989. He went on to kill at least 11 more people after his release. He killed mostly prostitutes, tying them up, beating and strangling them to death. He was finally caught while living in Missouri under the assumed name Richard Fowler, after a coworker saw him on America's Most Wanted. He was executed by lethal injection on November 17, 1998. Due to the aftermath of McDuff's early parole, Texas instituted a set of laws that prevent violent criminals from being paroled early. These are known as the McDuff laws.

Known Victims: Robert Brand, Mark Dunman, Edna Louis Sullivan, Sarafia Parker, Brenda Thompson, Regenia DeAnne Moore, Colleen Reed, Valencia Joshua, Melissa Northrup.
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