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William Cunningham
William Cunningham
William Cunningham (pictured above) thought he could turn tragedy into a pile of money, but first he needed a tragedy. The hapless victims of his get-rich-quick scheme were his children, 18-month-old Miranda and 3-year-old Billy. Not once, but on three separate occasions he laced their soup with prescription drugs and lighter fluid, nearly killing them both. The kids became suspicious of their father's cooking and by the third time Cunningham had to force it down their throats. They became ill and had to be hospitalized. Cunningham then contacted the Campbell Soup Company and threatened to sue them. Both children survived, but swallowing lighter fluid scarred their lungs so they may have lifelong breathing problems. On May 21, 2009, Cunningham was sentenced to 100 years in prison. His now-ex-wife hopes they feed him lighter fluid every day.
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