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Harmony Jade Creech
Harmony Jade Creech
On October 19, 2007, Harmony Creech's grandmother reported her missing from the family home. She had gone to pick up Harmony's father, Ronald Earl Creech II, from the airport upon his return from a 15-month deployment in Iraq and bring him home to see Harmony (left). Harmony's mother, Johni Michelle Heuser (right), had stayed behind. On entering the child's room, Mr. Creech found the window open and the baby gone. Heuser said she had last seen the baby at 11:00 that morning. Neither she nor the three other children living in the house had heard anything strange. Initially police issued an Amber Alert. A later search by police discovered the infant's body in the family's attic wrapped in a plastic bag and stuffed into a diaper box. She had been there for several weeks. Neighbors later recounted a smell of decomposition over the end of the summer that had been so bad that they searched their own yards for a dead animal. Harmony's body was so decomposed that authorities were never able to determine a cause of death. Hauser told them that she had found the child dead weeks ago, panicked and tried to cover up the death. On September 24, 2009, Hauser was indicted of first degree murder in the death of Harmony Jade Creech.
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