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Keeping the Body
Mummy Lover
Mummy Lover
Russian police have detained a historian in Nizhny Novgorod, a city on the Volga River, after it was discovered that he has allegedly been keeping 29 mummified corpses in his apartment. Anatoly Moskvin, 45, speaks 13 languages and is an expert in the history of Nizhny Novgorod and surrounding areas, specializing in graveyards. In an interview published in 2007, Moskvin described how he inspected 752 cemeteries, travelling up to 20 miles a day on foot and once sleeping in a coffin.

According to reports, Moskvin dug up the corpses of women and took them home, where he wrapped them in scarves and dressed them up in clothing. The corpses, all women between 15 and 25 were found laying around his cluttered apartment amidst stacks of books and piles of clothing. An investigation into the descecration of graves led police to Moskvin, who will undergo a psychiatric evaluation to determine his soundness of mind.

The Russian Website Life News has More Pictures and Video

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