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Keeping the Body
Corpse Affair
Corpse Affair
On December 5, 2011, police were called to a Stockton, Calif., apartment rented by Devon Epps, who had been evicted the day before. On inspection, the building manager had discovered a dead body in the bathroom that, according to police, had been there for a while, possibly months. Police had been called to the apartment on several prior occasions by the manager, "I can recall six times calling the police that he had been screaming and yelling, at this body I guess, like it was still alive." This was the first time police were able to gain access to the unit. Police and local residents fear that the body may be that of Veronica Jones (pictured), 35, who has been missing since the summer, and was reportedly living with a man at that address. According to Isaac Zuniga, Jones' brother, she had been dating a man named Devon Epps.

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