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Jerry Sandusky and Penn State's Sex Abuse Scandal
The First Victims
The First Victims
From 1994 to 1997, according to the grand jury report, Sandusky singled out three different boys for his attentions, one 7 or 8, another 10, and the third 12 or 13, referred to in the grand jury report as Victims 5, 4 and 6, respectively.

The report found that Victim 4 was "repeatedly subjected to Involuntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse and Indecent Assault at the hands of Sandusky," which consisted of oral sex with some attempted anal probing that the boy resisted. This child, like the others, met Sandusky in his second year of The Second Mile at Penn State's campus. He was showered with gifts and trips to football games in exchange for Sandusky's sexual access.

Victim 5 was taken by Sandusky to Penn State's locker room where he showered with Sandusky, who touched him inappropriately, and placed the boy's hand on his erect penis before exiting the shower. This was the only sexual contact Victim 5 had with Sandusky, and the victim did not recall being invited to any events by Sandusky after that.
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