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Extreme Purple Nurple
Extreme Purple Nurple
Early December 12, 2010, a Las Cruces, N.M., mother and son who had tossed back a few too many got into an argument. Amelia Oveide (pictured), 46, was fighting with her son, when her daughter-in-law, Marie Cadney, tried to break it up by placing herself between the mother and son. Unfortunately, Cadney began arguing with Oveide and, according to the police report, Oveide grabbed Cadney's right breast and began to wrench her nipple violently. Ignoring the victim's pleas for release, Oveide, a convicted felon, instead punched Cadney in the face, finally tearing her nipple from her breast. After Oveide was removed from the premises, Cadney noticed the nipple as it fell to the floor, put it in a bag, but put off going to the hospital for a few hours. Later, while a surgeon reattached the nipple, police arrested Oveide.

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