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What Helicopter?
What Helicopter?
Police, paramedics and MedEvac responders were cleaning up a particularly nasty accident on Highway 287, on November 13, 2011, when they found themselves at the center of another alcohol related accident. On Sunday morning, an SUV driven by Erik Shawn Green crossed the center line and struck a car going the other way, killing Betsey Salazar, 40, of Waco, Texas, and severely injuring the three other passengers in the car. Green was first taken to a hospital and treated for minor injuries, then to jail, where he faces one charge of intoxicated manslaughter and three counts of intoxicated assault, and an $800,000 bond.

While emergency personnel were responding at the scene, another vehicle driven by Matthew Mitchell (pictured) wove its way through the accident scene, badly, despite the road being blocked, and hit the MedEvac helicopter. Damaged, the copter was unable to take the survivors of the previous accident to the hospital as planned, and they were taken by ambulance. Police stopped Mitchell, who, it turns out, was intoxicated, and asked him if he was aware that he had just hit a helicopter. He responded in the negative, and asked, "Why was the helicopter flying so low?" Mitchell and passenger Robert Hamm were arrested at the scene for DWI and public intoxication, respectively.
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