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I am a Vampire: 13 Crimes of Bloodlust
Jessica Stasinowsky & Valerie Parashumti
Jessica Stasinowsky & Valerie Parashumti
A pair of lesbian lovers who thought of themselves as vampires were sentenced to life in prison by a Perth, Australia court for murdering a 16-year-old girl who had lived with them for 11 days.

In December 2006, the victim, Stacey Mitchell, moved in with Stasinowsky, left, and Parashumti, right, after running away from home. Shortly after their cohabitation began, the couple became annoyed with her, and Stasinowsky became jealous, suspecting that Mitchell was flirting with her lover. After giving Mitchell a drink spiked with a sleeping pill, they began beating her with a concrete block. Stasinowsky then strangled her with a dog chain. The killing was captured on a mobile phone video camera.

Parashumti's lawyer told the court that his client had experimented with drinking blood and associated with vampire sub-culture since she was a child. Throughout the trial, neither of the accused showed any remorse, instead giggling as the details of the murder were read. The justice presiding over the case said he believed they were sexually aroused by bloodshed and violence.

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