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I am a Vampire: 13 Crimes of Bloodlust
Daniel & Manuela Ruda
Daniel & Manuela Ruda
In what appeared to be a satanic ritual, married couple Daniel, 26, and Manuela Ruda, 23, stabbed their friend Frank Haagen 66 times in their flat in Witten, Germany. They also beat him with a hammer, carved a pentagram into his stomach, and drank his blood, before leaving his corpse next to the coffin where Manuela usually slept.

After their arrest, the couple admitted to the killing, but said they were acting on orders of the devil, who told them to "kill, sacrifice, bring souls." They also told the court that they had chosen Haagen, 33, because he was funny and would make a good court jester for Satan.

Manuela said she'd acquired a taste for blood on a trip to England and Scotland, where she'd attended vampire parties and met willing victims who'd let her drink their blood. She had her teeth replaced with fangs, slept on graves, and eventually signed her soul over to Satan. Daniel told the court that he'd craved the "metallic salty taste" of blood since the age of 12.

Throughout their trial, the couple appeared in gothic attire, flashed the devil's horns hand sign and grimaced menacingly at spectators. In February, 2002, they were committed to secure psychiatric units -- Daniel for 15 years and Manuela for 13.
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