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I Survived a Murderer
Holly Dunn
Holly Dunn
As far methodologies go, Angel Resendiz, also know as The Railroad Killer, may have found the key: keep moving. The serial killer and rapist was an itinerant worker, a hobo riding the rails around the US and Mexico, hopping off trains to sexually torture and kill at random, occasionally gifting his victims' jewelry to his wife in Mexico. During Resendiz's heinous career, which spanned more than 20 years and claimed at least 15 victims, only one person was fortunate enough to escape.

During Labor Day weekend in 1997 Holly Dunn, a young, feisty 20-year-old undergraduate at the University of Kentucky, and her boyfriend took a moonlit walk, eventually arriving at set of local train tracks. Resendiz materialized suddenly, tied the couple up, and then bashed the boyfriend's skull in with a massive rock. Then Dunn's ordeal began. Not content to merely kill her, Resendiz beat and sexually tortured the young woman. Bound tightly and unable to defend herself, Dunn endured a vicious rape and severe beating by Resendiz. Using a discarded piece of wood, he beat her unconscious, shattering her jaw and her eye socket. The Railroad killer then left Dunn for dead. Thankfully, she survived. Although the years after the attack were difficult, Dunn has proven to be a survivor. She now runs a nonprofit called Holly's House that assists the victims of sexual and domestic violence.
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