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I Survived a Murderer
Unnamed Rape Victim
Unnamed Rape Victim
David Spanbauer was a serial rapist and killer. He was also a habitual jailbird who spent most of his life in prison. When he was free, he managed to summon hell on earth. In 1972, after spending 13 years in prison for sexual abuse, Spanbauer blossomed as a rapist. In August of that year, he picked up a lovely 17-year-old hitchhiker and took her to Wisconsin's Token Creek Park. As they drove, he brandished a knife and told his victim that he was going to rape her and then drive over her body with his car until she was dead. Both attacker and victim cried during the ride. He then tied the young woman up and brutally raped her, though he did not kill her. She was lucky.

After doing several stints in prison for his sexual aggression, Spanbauer finally graduated to murder two decades later. Out on parole in the early 1990s, Spanbauer began to abduct, rape, and murder young women that he found bicycling on the street. One of these victims was 10 years old. Spanbauer is currently serving a life term plus 403 years.
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