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I Survived a Murderer
Bridget Kelly
Bridget Kelly
Unlike the stories of those who survived attacks by famous serial killers, first grade teacher Bridget Kelly's horrific experience isn't overshadowed by the personality of her attacker. On an early summer evening in 2002 Kelly was attacked in her apartment. "I walked up to the peephole," Kelly told CBS news, "and looked out and I watched as a man ran directly at my door and kicked it in." At gunpoint, the man robbed her and then forced Kelly into her car and drove them to an isolated field. Kelly's assailant then told her to remove her clothes and raped her in the field. The assailant then told Kelly to stand and walk a few feet away. As she stood naked with her back to him, the man shot her. After Kelly fell to the ground, the cowardly attacker stood over her and shot her twice more. Assuming that Kelly was dead, the rapist left the scene.

The attacked was arrested the next morning, when he brought some friends to the field where he left Kelly to show off her dead body. He was sentenced to life in prison plus 40 years. Kelly has been outspoken about her attack, particularly the fact that she was raped. She was featured in an ad campaign called "Speak Up. Speak Out," encouraging victims to come forward about being raped. It is her hope that by speaking openly and boldly about sexual violence that she can help reduce the stigma that victims of rape often feel.
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