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Oregon — Roxanne Ellis and Michelle Abdill
Oregon — Roxanne Ellis and Michelle Abdill
At the time of their murders, Roxanne Ellis and Michelle Abdill had been in a committed relationship for 12 years. After enduring increasing homophobia in Colorado, they had moved to Medford. On December 4, 1995, however, their lives came to an abrupt and bloody end when they met with Robert Acremant. Acremant attempted to rob the two women, but when they refused he bound them with tape and executed each with a single shot to the head. According to his later statement, the fact that the women were lesbians made it "easier" for Acremant to kill the women, because no children would be involved. In a letter to The Oregonian, Acremant confessed to the killings, and also revealed that he had killed a reportedly bisexual man two months prior. In 1997, Acremant was sentenced to death.
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