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Good Neighbors — Not Really
Extreme Animal Hoarder
Extreme Animal Hoarder
Years of neighbors' complaints finally paid off when on March 4, 2011, police and animal control officers entered the four-bedroom home of Vicki Moon (picture), 62, of Schneider, Ind., and found 17 dogs and the bodies of 15 dogs. According to officers, the home was littered with trash and mounds of animal feces so they had to wear protective gear and respirators. It took rescuers four hours to remove the dogs, some of whom had burrowed through the mess to hide from rescuers. The dogs were not only covered in feces, but were infested with flees and other parasites. They were removed from the residence, cleaned and immunized. Home owner Moon, who faces 17 charges of animal cruelty, confessed to the Northwest Indiana Times that she had been living in her car for years.
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