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Gangster Disciples
Gangster Disciples
In the 1970s Chicago's powerful Gangster Disciple Nation, led by Larry Hoover (no connection with the Hoover Crips) from his Stateville prison cell, formed the Folk Nation, a third gang alliance, separate from Crips and Bloods. Folks are dominant in Chicago and the Midwest. Hoover saw the Folk syndicate as a means to unite all of the Chicago-area gangs, black, white and Latino under him. Like the Crips, Folk have adopted blue as their main color.

Authorities saw Hoover as one who stopped gang violence at the prison, who openly discouraged violence between Folk Nation member-gangs and who rebranded the Gangster Disciples (GD) as 'growth and development.' Hoover encouraged gang members to learn skills and trades, and to engage in philanthropic ventures, many of which would become money-laundering operations for his empire.
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