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Fire Starters
Roomate Trouble
Roomate Trouble
Chasety Anne Reynolds, 32, was having an argument with her roommate, Victoria de la Fuente, 46, on September, 2, 2011, when Reynolds allegedly doused her with gasoline, flicked a lit cigarette at her and watched her burn. The shouting prompted neighbors to call police, but when officers arrived, a calm Reynolds told them all was well. An hour later police returned to discover a badly burned de la Fuente, saved only because two passing motorists saw smoke coming from the garage and intervened. Reynolds was cleaning off the driveway with a hose. According to police, the victim's children, 2 and 9, were in the house at the time of the assault. De la Fuente was flown by helicopter to the hospital with second and third degree burns to more than half her body. She was admitted in critical condition. Reynolds is being held without bail on charges of attempted murder, assault with a caustic chemical, aggravated mayhem, torture and a special allegation of inflicting great bodily injury on a person. Several of these charges carry a life sentence.
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