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Fire Starters
Putting his Foot Down
Putting his Foot Down
Neighbors said they saw Tampa man Kent Perusse, 48, walk down the front steps of his home on December 14, 2011, soot smeared on his face, wearing shorts that showed third-degree burns on his lower legs. His home was on fire. He walked across the street, sat down on his neighbor's lawn and watched it burn. By the time local responders arrived, it was engulfed in flames. Perusse, who was still watching the blaze from his neighbor's lawn, allegedly told them, "I did it." His motive for pouring gasoline all over the house and torching it? He did not want his girlfriend, wife, mother or daughter to move in. His dog must also have gotten on his bad side, because he knowingly locked the female pit bull in the house where it burned to death. He was treated for his injuries at Tampa General Hospital and arrested two weeks later upon his release. He faces charges of arson and animal cruelty. Bail has been set at $55,000. The damage to the house, which was a rental, is estimated at $72,804.
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