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Glen Stewart Godwin
Glen Stewart Godwin

Aliases: Michael Carrera, Miguel Carrera, Michael Carmen, Glen Godwin, Glen S. Godwin, Dennis H. McWilliams, Dennis Harold McWilliams

Glen Stewart Godwin (above left 1991 and center, right is age enhanced), the only person ever to have escaped from Folsom Prison, has been wanted by authorities since his 1987 escape where he was serving a lengthy sentence for the 1980 brutal stabbing murder of Kim Robert LeValley. On arrival to prison this maximum-security prisoner's files were altered and he was wrongly accorded the more relaxed scrutiny afforded by medium security. He escaped. He was imprisoned later that year in Mexico's Puente Grande Federal Prison in Guadalajara for dealing cocaine, but escaped before he could be extradited.

So when in Mexico, South or Central America keep an eye out for this avid tennis player, drug user, sharp dresser and ladies man speaking fluent Spanish while he drinks champagne in a bar and talks about his gun collection, This former model, mechanic and construction worker may pretend to be kind-hearted, but don't be fooled.

The FBI is offering a reward of up to $100,000 for information leading directly to the arrest of Glen Stewart Godwin. Consider this person armed and extremely dangerous, and an escape risk.

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