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Jason Derek Brown
Jason Derek Brown

Aliases: Jason D. Brown, Derek Brown, Greg Johnson, Harline Johnson, Greg Harline Johnson, John Brown, Jay Brown

No known identifying scars or marks.

Wanted for the murder of armored car guard Robert Palomares (above, left), whom he ambushed, robbed and killed in late 2004.

If you're in California, Arizona or Utah, keep a special look out for Jason Derek Brown (above center, right), wanted for murder and armed robbery. He especially enjoys golf, snowboarding, skiing, dirt biking and boating so keep a sharp eye out in any resort area that caters to these recreational activities and you just might see him showing off his high-priced toys. Don't feel left out if you're not in the U.S., because he has traveled in Mexico and speaks fluent French, so he could pop up in any Francophone country.

The FBI is offering a reward of up to $100,000 for information leading directly to the arrest of Jason Derek Brown. Consider this person armed and extremely dangerous.

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