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Faking It: Outrageous Cases of Impersonation
Don't Always Trust a Man in Uniform
Don't Always Trust a Man in Uniform
Police in Herndon, VA., believe they've arrested a man who they say has been posing as a police officer to assault women. According to police, Thomas Kim, 31, approached a woman on October 11, falsely identified himself as a police officer, suggested that he had a weapon, and sexually assaulted her. He then allegedly assaulted another woman later that day using the same scheme. Police say Kim may be responsible for seven assaults. On October 25, detectives followed Kim and observed as he approached women, and when one unwitting victim got in Kim's car, police made their move. He is charged with abduction, sexual assault, impersonating a law enforcement officer, and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.
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