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James Hogue
James Hogue
If first you don't succeed, start your life over, or so thought James Hogue (pictured). After a relatively lackluster thirty years of life, Hogue reinvented himself as the precocious 18-year-old Alexis Indiris Santino. Fabricating an entire life history, including a childhood as an orphan shepherd in the Grand Canyon, Hogue applied to and was accepted by Princeton University. Hogue, who was facing time in a Utah prison for theft, deferred his admission for a year and then went off to join the Ivy League.

After spending a few solid years at Princeton he was recognized, expelled and charged with fraud. This didn't stop the irrepressible Hogue who then moved to Colorado and gained work as a contractor and carpenter for several wealthy families. In 2005, after several people reported missing property, the police arrested Hogue, discovering nearly 10,000 stolen items in his possession. In March 2007, Hogue accepted a plea deal, pleading guilty to theft in exchange for a sentence not to exceed ten years.
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