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According to police in New Mexico, when 47-year-old Randy Malone (pictured) bummed a ride from an unidentified witness into the town of Las Cruces, he didn't seem to be the type who would light up a crack pipe in the car without asking, which is exactly what cops say he did.

After the startled driver forced Malone from his car, police say he put the smoldering crack pipe back in his pants pocket, which caused his trousers and his prosthetic leg to catch fire. He was found by deputies naked on the side of Route 70 and was treated for burns on his leg, back and buttocks. As though this wasn't bad enough, he allegedly told police that his friends had set him on fire because he lost a bet in a drinking game, and were going to drop him off at the hospital, but panicked and left him on the side of the road.

He was taken into custody at his home and charged with two counts of making a false report to officers.

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