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Dominick Dunne
The Martha Moxley Murder
The Martha Moxley Murder
When 15-year-old Martha Moxley was savagely killed on the until-then-safe streets of Greenwich, Conn., on October 30, 1975, no one knew how to react. The residents of the pristine confines of Belle Haven, the richest corner of town, had never anticipated murder. Its citizens became frightened and perplexed. Suspicion pointed to one of the Skakel boys. The Skakels were one of the best-connected families on the East Coast with ties that reached to the Kennedys of Hyannisport via Ethel Skakel Kennedy, the widow of Robert F. Kennedy and aunt to the chief suspects, Michael and Tommy Skakel. The Skakels, therefore, were a family that one just didn't casually accuse of murder. Though Michael Skakel had long been a suspect, the Skakels were able to slow the wheels of justice nearly to a halt. Mark Fuhrman's Murder in Greenwich and Dominick Dunne's 1993 A Season in Purgatory brought to the public eye numerous problems with the investigation into Martha Moxley's murder. In January 2000, public pressure finally caused a grand jury to be convened and the case reopened. The grand jury indicted Michael Skakel for Moxley's murder. He was arrested, and convicted in 2002.

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