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Deplorable Conditions
In another Port St. Lucie case, a 26-year-old mother faces child neglect charges after police discovered her home in a state of severe disarray. According to investigators, Victoria Leigh Hunchcliff's three children, aged 5, 6 and 9, were living amongst garbage, piles of dog droppings, old food and insects. The investigation into Hinchcliff began after the Department of Children and Families received complaints that the children were not properly cared for. reports that the school where the children are enrolled gave them underwear and socks, because they had no clean pairs to wear. When police arrived at the home, Hinchcliff's 9-year-old daughter was getting her younger siblings ready for school while Hinchcliff slept. The children were placed in foster care. Animal control officers took six dogs from the home.
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