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Warren Jackson
Warren Jackson
Chicago-area man Warren Jackson, 40, a motivational speaker against violence, was arrested after a shopper reported seeing him hit a woman on January 21, 2011, outside a Burlington Coat Factory. Police said the shopper reported seeing Jackson argue with the woman, place a toddler that was with them in the front seat of the car, enter the car and punch the woman in the back seat. He was arrested a few miles away. The woman, who says he apologized, was treated for cuts and bruises at a local hospital.

Jackson's anti-violence group, We Stop the Killings, is the focus of a lawsuit that was filed on December 2, 2011, by Attorney General Lisa Madigan's office. The suit alleges that the group is operating illegally while soliciting charitable donations, that they are not working to stop youth violence as they claim, and is seeking to bar them from operating charitable organizations in Illinois.
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