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Kathleen Folbigg
Kathleen Folbigg
Folbigg was being investigated in the case of the suspicious crib deaths of her four children when, in a surprising twist, her ex-husband Craig found some of her diaries which he read and gave to police. Apparently Kathleen had kept diaries most of her life, but had thrown most of them away. The ones her ex found obviously had been overlooked when she moved out.

Though some of the entries were merely suspicious, others were undeniably sinister. She wrote about how stress made her do terrible things and spoke of flashes of rage, resentment and hatred toward her children. She wrote of her feelings of remorse: "My guilt of how responsible I feel for them all, haunts me, my fear of it happening again, haunts me...When I think I'm going to lose control like last time I'll just hand baby over to someone else ... This time I'm prepared and know what signals to watch out for in myself. Changes in mood etc."

But one in particular was her undoing. On October 14, 1996, with three of her children already dead, Kathleen made a disturbing diary entry that indicated how the tumultuous events of her childhood had affected her: "Obviously I am my fathers daughter." Her father was a convicted murderer. And soon so was Kathleen.

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