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Crimes of the Juggalos
"i hear voices that tell me to kill people"
In February, 2009, two Pennsylvania teens brutally murdered 21-year-old Army veteran Michael Goucher, who was reported missing for a week before his body was found in a wooded area. He had been stabbed multiple times in the neck and stomach. A meat cleaver and a knife were found near the body.

On September 22, 2011, Ian Seagraves, 19, left, and Nicholas Freemore, 21, right, were convicted of first degree murder.

Freemore, who described himself as bisexual on his Myspace page, ('Im 18 and bi, but currently leaning towards guys (sry girls) and just because I like guys doenst mean im one of those flaming "OMG" type of people') met Goucher and had a sexual encounter with him in January. The two had planned another rendez-vous, but this time Seagraves came along, and, when Goucher made a move, the two began stabbing him. According to a statement Freemore made to police, they had planned to "meet him, scare him and kill him."

According to his mother, Seagraves had suffered from psychological problems. On his Myspace page, where his screen name changed to "ThrOwt Stabba" shortly after the murder, his "about me" section reads, "yo, my names Ian Thomas Seagraves. im a hardcore Juggalo. been down for like 7 years...i hear voices that tell me to kill people, hallucinate, get dillusional sometimes...schitzophrenia runs in my family and i think i caught it early."

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