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Nazi UFOs & Secret Societies
Nazi UFOs & Secret Societies
Theories connecting Nazis to the occult and secret societies have been the subject of both non-fiction books and documentaries, as well as comics and sci-fi literature. In his 1978 book The Golden Band, Miguel Serrano, a Chilean diplomat and exponent of Esoteric Nazism, claimed that Adolf Hitler was an avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu come to earth to establish ultimate Aryan supremacy. The Golden Band alleged that Hitler and his Nazi Party were using New Swabia, the German-claimed portion of Antarctica, to communicate with Hyperboreans, ethereal beings who he claimed were the ancestors of the Aryan race. In New Swabia (1938 - 1939 expedition logo pictured above), Serrano claimed, the Nazis used their communications with these beings to develop a fleet of flying saucers, which Hitler would someday use to gain total power. Serrano also claimed that the Nazis used New Swabia to harness the power of Vril, a mythical energy first described in Edward Bulwer-Lytton's 1871 science-fiction novel Vril: The Power of the Coming Race.

Other conspiracists have alleged that a Vril Society was established in Berlin in 1921, with the purpose of communicating with Aryan aliens, commanding the force of Vril, and otherwise investigating the origins of the Aryan people. Its membership is supposed to have overlapped with that of the Thule Society, an establishment with a similar ideology which gave birth to the Nazi Party. Both societies' membership or visitors' rolls were said to include Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler, along with many other founding members of the Nazi Party. According to Bulgarian engineer Vladimir Terziski, the Nazis, harnessing this fabulous Vril energy, secretly landed on the moon in 1942 and built a base there which American astronauts and Russian cosmonauts either, depending on the conspiracist rendering the account, used or attacked and destroyed during their own secret landings in 1957 and 1958, under the cover of the International Geophysical Year.
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