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Oops! ...I Did It Again
Oops! ...I Did It Again
When the 30-month wedding of pop tart Britney Spears to back-up dancer and aspiring rapper Kevin Federline failed in November 2006, fans widely assumed that Federline's reported indifferent parenting and hard-partying lifestyle were to blame. That assumption was shattered, though, when Spears embarked upon one of the most spectacular public-image meltdowns in entertainment history. Photographed exposing herself in December and collapsing "from exhaustion" at a New Years Eve party in January 2007, Spears then shaved her head and bounced in and out of rehab three times in the next three months, each step of her downward spiral publicized internationally by an army of paparazzi.

A basic divorce agreement was reached in March 2007, according Spears and Federline 50-50 equal custody of their two children, but in October 2007 Spears lost custody after being charged for an August hit-and-run accident. In January 2008, Spears lost her visitation rights to the children following an incident in which she refused to surrender the children at the end of a visit and appeared to police to be under the influence of an unknown substance. It was not until July 2008 that a final custody agreement was reached, restoring visitation rights to Spears and gradually restoring her to equal custody of the children as her personal and professional lives rebounded from their nadir.
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