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Three out of Four Stones
Three out of Four Stones
On February 12, 1967, acting on a tip, police raided a party at the home of Rolling Stone guitarist Keith Richards (left) and found marijuana and amphetamines. Singer Mick Jagger (right) and Richards were arraigned on the drug charges on May 10 — the same day that the home of Stones guitarist Brian Jones (center) was raided and he was arrested for possession of marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine. In June Jagger was sentenced to three months for possession of amphetamines and Richards to one year for the more serious charge of allowing marijuana use on his property. Jones pleaded guilty to the marijuana possession, but denied any use of harder drugs. Amidst the protests of his fans outside the trial for his release, he was found guilty and sentenced to probation and counseling, and released.
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