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Spanking It
Spanking It
On August 28, 2011, a Florida teen, 14, was seen by others masturbating during a church service. According to the arrest report, officers responded to a call from the Niceville First United Methodist Church and were told by the pastor that, "Four (4) female patrons advise a juvenile male member of the congregation had exposed himself during the service. Two of the victims were 15 years old and observed the suspect masturbating. One observed him doing this with his hands inside his pants, and the other observed him doing this outside his pants (rubbing himself continuously)." A sixteen-year-old victim told police she actually saw him touching himself with his penis exposed, and a 50-year-old victim observed stroking of the exposed member. When questioned by police, the young man admitted not only to the accusations against him, but to having done the same thing during the previous week's service. He added that he did not know it was wrong and was merely "bored." He was charged with two counts of indecent exposure and lascivious exhibition by someone under 18 years old against a victim under 15 years old.

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