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Yes, Virginia, there is a Christmas Vandal
Yes, Virginia, there is a Christmas Vandal
It took Elena Coy's boyfriend 80 hours to put up the Christmas lights this year. Unfortunately the large display seems to have drawn the wrong type of attention too, because soon after it was put up, thieves stole most of the lights. According to Officer James Holmes, of the Phoenix Police Department, "Some of the decorations are pretty elaborate, and they get expensive, so they too can be sold on the black market at the swap meet or at the yard sale." The angry family left a scathing message for the perpetrators in the form of a large sign: "To the low life losers who vandalized & stole my families Christmas display! Over looking the fact that U ruined my child's Christmas. I want to thank U 4 teaching her that low life scum like U exist! This valuable lesson has shown her as well as my neighbors that all the stereo-types about people like U R true! So again I thank U! Because I have found great comfort in the fact that on Judgment Day. Your soul will burn in HELL!'
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