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Christmas Crime
A Grinchy Trick
A Grinchy Trick
On December 20, 2011, police arrested Manuel Sheehan, 27, and Kristen Casey, 26, for receiving stolen property. Acting on a tip, Somerville, Mass., police stopped a vehicle that matched the description of one allegedly involved in the theft of Christmas presents from people's porches and doorways. According to Police Chief Thomas Pasquarello, police noticed an increase in reported missing deliveries, "We had our plainclothes detectives and narcotics officers following UPS trucks and postal trucks around." The car contained over 100 boxes addressed to local homes. A search of the couple's apartment yielded dozens more stolen presents including a fruit basket, sneakers, hair growth shampoo, and clothing. Police made their best effort to return the stolen items to their intended recipients before Christmas. The couple pleaded not guilty, though after her arrest, Casey allegedly burst into tears and said she was sorry. It is believed that her heart grew three sizes that day.
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