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Christmas Crime
Gutted Like Prey
Gutted Like Prey
Quintin P. O'Dell, 22, of Platte City, Missouri, was arraigned on January 9, 2012, and charged with first-degree murder in the death of Alissa Faye Shippert, 22. O'Dell, a former Eagle Scout, pleaded not guilty, though he allegedly confessed that he attacked and killed Shippert on May 31, 2011, with a hatchet, while she was fishing alone at the Platte Falls Conservation area. O'Dell said he was wading in the river when he came across Shippert and befriended her. Later they fought and he hit her with the hatchet and then used it to end her suffering. Police found fragments of bone from her battered face at the murder scene. O'Dell did not get police attention until December 26 when Brittany Costello, 21, awakened to find she had been disemboweled while she slept. The last thing she remembered was getting drunk with O'Dell and passing out. According to court documents, O'Dell told police he had become enraged with Costello for arguing with her boyfriend about the future of their relationship. Platte County Sheriff Richard Anderson read the details of the attack aloud at a press conference, "O'Dell then showed detectives the motion he used to cut open (the victim), which was consistent with the injuries she sustained." Anderson continued, "O'Dell recalled seeing her intestines fall out of her abdomen on the living room floor of her apartment." He is charged with first-degree assault for the attack on Costello. Costello is expected to survive.

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