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David Letterman
David Letterman
10/02/2009: Becoming embroiled in a scandal is no laughing matter for comedian David Letterman, who recently revealed to his audience details of past sexual relationships with women who work on the Late Show. The straight-faced confession came after Letterman allegedly received a package containing a letter threatening to expose his indiscretions in a screen play. The man charged with larceny in the case is 48 Hours Mystery producer Robert Joel Halderman (right,) who shares a Fairfield, CT., home with Letterman's personal assistant Stephanie Birkitt, who was involved with the talk show host before he was married, according to a spokesperson. Letterman's attorney gave Halderman a fake check for $2 million - a price decided upon after negotiations - and he was arrested at work shortly after making the deposit. Halderman, who was suspended from his job at CBS, pleaded not guilty to one charge of attempted grand larceny.
Read the Search Warrant for Halderman's House Here
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