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The FBI investigation of singer Michael Joseph Jackson stemmed from two California police investigations into allegations of child molestation. The first arose in 1993, requesting that the FBI investigate questions regarding "possible federal violation against Jackson concerning transportation of a minor across state lines for immoral purposes (Mann Act)." The FBI decided not to pursue the possible violations of the Mann act and instead acted in a supportive role to police investigators. The Los Angeles District Attorney decided not to pursue charges, and Jackson settled out of court with his accusers.

In early 2004, the FBI provided computer analysis for a second investigation into allegations of child molestation by Jackson, for which he was tried and acquitted.

The FBI also considered a request by local law enforcement to provide security at Jackson's trial because the "proceedings could represent a soft target for terrorism due to the worldwide media coverage the case is receiving," one FBI document said.

The FBI's files were made public after the Bureau received Freedom of Information Act requests to release them after the pop star's June 25, 2009, death.
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