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Blake Richard Riede, 21, is charged with commercial burglary and cruelty to animals after posting a video entitled "Saving Some Birds" on Youtube. In the nearly unwatchable 56-minute long video, Riede is seen releasing 10 birds of prey from their cages at Boyd Hill Nature Preserve in Florida on September 21, 2011. He has some difficulty getting the birds to fly the coop, and at times grows frustrated, telling one bird, "Look, you're free, motherf*cker, now get the f*ck lost!" Riede also offers some words of inspiration to another bird: "You are going to experience so much freedom out there!"

Riede, who has uploaded 263 lengthy, rambling Youtube videos under the name blakeman1212, identified himself on camera after releasing the birds, which is how police caught him. The birds were being kept at the nature preserve due to injuries - most of them were unable to fly. All but one bird was found nearby; a red-shouldered hawk remains missing.

After his arrest, Riede added the following description to the video, "Eye intended to save these birds not kill them, as this is what the nature park is doing, keeping them caged, unable to hunt, unable to survive on their own in the wild. Here is the news headline eye created, enjoy destroying our planet you pricks," linking to the original Bay News 9 Article.
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