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Caught in Costume
Phoenix Jones
Phoenix Jones
Phoenix Jones, the masked leader of Seattle's "Rain City Superhero Movement" loves nothing more than to stop crime in its tracks. On his Facebook page, he lists his interests as "Fighting crime as well as raising awareness that anyone can report crime. If everyone were to report crime, there would be no crime." That's why on October 9th, the self-made superhero, trying to save innocent citizens from assault, charged at a group of people who he thought were fighting. While one of his superfriends filmed, Jones allegedly pepper sprayed four people, who police say were not fighting at all but just messing around and having a good time. The video shows the costumed crusader being attacked and cursed at by one of the women in the group, who clearly did not want his intervention.

The man behind the mask is 23-year-old Benjamin Fodor, an MMA fighter known for his trademark flat top haircut. Police say Fodor has a history of interfering in real or perceived crimes in progress, and has been advised to call 911 instead of attempting to resolve matters himself. He was charged with four counts of aggravated assault with a weapon and spent seven hours in jail before posting bond.
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