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Casey Anthony: After the Acquittal
The depositions also revealed that Casey Anthony had told Dr. Weitz that she believed her father, George Anthony, was responsible for Caylee's death. "She believes George took Caylee out of the bed, had a sexual -- some sort of a sexual experience with her daughter, and in order to cover it up killed her," said Weitz in the deposition.

Casey also told Dr. Danziger that the day Caylee disappeared, she came outside and saw George holding the little girl's soaking body. "'Daddy is going to take care of it,' the same thing he used to say to me. He left the house with the child. That's the last time I saw her," Casey told Danziger. She also told Danziger that at that point, she believed Caylee may still have been alive.

In the transcript, Danziger also states that Casey told him about alleged sexual abuse she'd suffered at the hands of her father. According to the psychiatrist, Casey said the abuse began when she was young and stopped when she was 11, but happened again when she was 18. She also expressed some concern that George may have fathered Caylee, but a paternity test determined that that was not the case.

Photo: George Anthony at his daughter's murder trial in June, 2011.
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