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Tripping Balls
Tripping Balls
This happy looking arrestee is Scott M. David Jr. of St. James, Missouri, who was arrested late on April 17, 2012, after a man called 911 stating that his son and two friends were tripping on L.S.D. and one was wildly swinging a "medieval-looking" replica spiked club. A woman in the house had already been injured and the man had exited the home to avoid injury. Police arrived to find a naked man tripping wildly, leaning out the window of a car, while attempting to drive away. According to the police report, "The officer confronted the man in the street, who then charged and attacked him. An attempt by the officer to use non-lethal means of restraint failed. During the subsequent struggle, which was extremely violent, the officer feared for his life while being struck and choked by the subject and was forced to disarm [sic] his firearm twice." The two shots struck the assailant in the arm and leg, but it took more officers, and more force to finally subdue him. He also suffered injuries to his face in the scuffle. Moral of the story: Stay away from the brown acid.

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