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Busted in the Buff
Feb. 2, 2012: Kentucky State Police got a call from employees of the Food World IGA market about a man in the store, who was totally naked except for a pair of black boots. On arrival police determined that he had "busted out" the door, set off several fire extinguishers and had slathered his "person" in chocolate and peanut butter, which he had gotten it all over the floor. The suspect, Andrew Toothman, 22, of Neon, Ky., was arrested and charged with third degree burglary, first degree criminal mischief and first degree indecent exposure. Police noted that he confessed to breaking in the door. Toothman may have felt badly about at least some of it, because according to the arrest citation "there was NyQuil on the floor that spelled out 'sorry.'"

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