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Jeffrey Dampier
Jeffrey Dampier
When Jeffrey Dampier (pictured) and his first wife won a $20 million Illinois Lotto in 1996, he used the money to bring his family closer together, relocating his parents and family to Florida to enjoy his new prosperity. His marriage ultimately failed, but Dampier remarried and stayed in the vicinity. Many of his siblings moved to Florida as well to be close to him and their parents. He invested his winnings in a business, a gourmet popcorn store in Tampa, which thrived and employed some of his family.

But Dampier's generosity was, for some family members, evidently not enough. In July 2005 he was called to the apartment of his sister-in-law, Victoria Jackson, who told him she'd been having car problems. Once there, he was confronted by Jackson and her boyfriend, Nathaniel Jackson (no relation), who brandished a pistol and forced Dampier back into his van, kidnapping him. They bound his hands with his shoelaces, drove him to a dead-end street where, according to Victoria's attorneys, Nathaniel handed Victoria the gun and told her to shoot Dampier, or he would. Victoria shot and killed Dampier and the couple fled on foot. Since his family knew Dampier was planning to stop by Victoria's, it didn't take police long to connect the couple to the crime; they were arrested three days later. Nathaniel Jackson was in possession of $1,500 cash, which police believe was the remnant of several thousand dollars robbed from Dampier.
Forensic evidence gathered from the van linked the two conclusively to the shooting, and both were convicted. Victoria Jackson received three life sentences in September 2006, and Nathaniel Jackson received life in 2007.
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