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Beauty Queens in Trouble
Kumari Fulbright, Miss Pima County 2005 and Miss Desert Sun 2006, pleaded guilty in December 2009 to aggravated assault and conspiracy to commit kidnapping for a December 2007 abduction and attack on her ex-boyfriend, Josh Conaway. Fulbright, 26, and three men were accused of luring Conaway to Fulbright's apartment, binding him with duct tape and plastic ties and threatening to harm him in retaliation for the loss of jewelry which they believed Conaway had stolen from Fulbright. Fulbright, a second-year law student at the University of Arizona, remained argumentative in entering her guilty plea, challenging the judge's account of events but conceding a guilty plea to each charge. Her guilty pleas were negotiated in exchange for a two-year sentence for the assault and a period of probation for the kidnapping charge, but the formal sentence is not expected to be finalized until March 2010, after the trial of one of her co-defendants.
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