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Independence Day
A fourth of July parade in the heartland ended in chaos when two horses pulling a buggy in the Bellevue, Ia., "Heritage Day Parade" stampeded through crowds, killing one parade-goer and injuring 23 others, four critically. The stampede was reportedly triggered by one horse tossing its head against the other, dislodging its bridle and panicking it into a gallop. The two horses then plowed along the parade route through the town of 2,300 for several blocks, flipping the buggy, sending it skidding along the curb lined with children gathering candy thrown from the other floats and ejecting its passengers, then tearing loose from their traces and continuing on at speeds estimated by witnesses to approach 40 miles per hour before smashing into the back of a minivan and collapsing. The horses were not reported to have been seriously injured, but over a dozen ambulances were required to evacuate the injured to nearby Dubuque, with the more serious cases airlifted to the trauma center at the University of Iowa in Iowa City.