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Dashnay Beckwith
Dashnay Beckwith
In June, 2010, a school employee in Jersey City went to the home of Dashnay Beckwith to check on her 6-year-old son, who had missed over 50 days of school. The worker found the home unlocked with three children inside and the mother nowhere to be found. The six-year-old and his siblings, 2 and 3, had nothing to eat and were malnourished and underdressed.

Beckwith turned herself in to police and was charged with child neglect, endangerment and abandonment. She has previously been charged with child neglect in Florida, where she has a daughter.

On her Myspace page, Beckwith wrote: "im on this myspace just to let my hataz watch me do me. i'm all about me and mine. making things better for my kids future."
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