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Brittany Wimberly
Brittany Wimberly
A 19-year-old Myrtle Beach, SC., mom and her 25-year-old boyfriend were arrested on July 1, 2011, after an emergency room doctor became suspicious about the cause of a broken leg on her one-year-old son.

Wimberly told police that her boyfriend, Valentin Mendez, couldn't stand the baby's constant crying, so he shook him and dropped him on the floor. Then, before leaving for work, he reportedly put the one-year-old and Wimberly's three-year-old in the closet and told Wimberly to leave them there for 45 minutes. After she finally went to let the children out, she noticed that the one-year-old was injured and unable to walk.

Both Wimberly and Mendez were charged with two counts of child neglect. Mendez was additionally charged with a count of assault and battery. The children were taken into state custody.

Wimberly's Myspace username is x3 lil mama x3. She has posted several of her poems and seems to have an interest in Latin gangs.
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