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Alishia Graves
Alishia Graves
A mother in Interlachen, FL., was arrested on two counts of child neglect on July 17, 2011, after a December investigation revealed that her mobile home was too unsanitary for children(pictured). According to a police report, the trailer, where Graves lived with her two children, aged 2 and 5, and six dogs, was covered in dog feces. Police said both children had severe diaper rash; one child had two layers of skin peeled away from his testicles.

Graves told police that she had been gone for three days and had left the children in the care of a sitter. She claimed to be unaware of the diaper rash and dog feces, however, the forensic nurse who examined the children reported that the diaper rash could not have become that severe in the course of three days.
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